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Adventure Grant Application

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One of the biggest struggles for a veteran and their family is reconnecting after deployment.  Higher Peaks has been listening to veterans and their families about what they want and need to help with reconnecting.  Higher Peaks has created Adventure Grants.  Now veteran families will be able to experience family bonding based on their needs/wishes. Higher Peaks is partnering with many mountain resorts, ranches and adventure camps to provide an atmosphere where their whole family can connect and heal.

How it works:

Through our Adventure Grants, the veteran family plans their own adventure.  Veterans will submit plans with estimated cost for an adventure trip they would like and how the trip will help their family to grow together with specific needs for the adventure.  Once the application is received, it will be reviewed by our board and final selections will be made by the Higher Peaks Military Advisory Council.  Applicants will be notified of our decision.  Qualified applicants that are not selected will remain eligible for future trips.

Personal Information

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  • What is the ideal adventure that you would like to experience with your family?


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