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PTSD and Higher Peaks

There have been several studies done that show the benefits of being rockin buggyoutdoors and participating in challenging outdoor tasks helps the  effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  in combat veterans.  At Higher Peaks we put that all together in Adventure trips for the veteran and their immediate family, at no cost to them.  Our goal is to get the whole family outdoors on challenging and exciting adventure trips to various places where adventure can be found.  Many of our brave service men and women who return from combat suffer from PTSD at varying levels.  PTSD symptoms can include, severe anxiety, which can drastically affect social and personal lives.  This in turn can lead to depression, co dependence, isolation, addiction, Bordonaro family on the topand in severe cases suicide.  Being in an outdoor adventure setting greatly reduces the affects PTSD can cause on the returning vet and their family.  Higher Peaks strives to get the vet outdoors and started on a path of healing and adventure with their family.  Our hope is that through Higher Peaks or any other organization that benefits wounded veterans, the veteran and their family will gain control and find peace, and comfort in the outdoors, through faith and persistence.

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