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Breaking Barriers

Seeing a family gather around a campfire with marsh mellows roasting can warm the heart of anyone.  Higher Peaks does everything we can to create that environment on our outdoor experience trips.  We are family and believe in helping families of wounded vets find a way to break the barriers of conversation,

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Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, CO

We will be taking three wounded vets and their immediate families to Garden of the Gods RVC Outdoor Destinations Resort June 18-21 for an adventure weekend.  Jeep tours to the top of Pikes Peak for donuts at 14k feet, family fun and activities.  Put your request in on the Adventure

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Heading Back To Catherine’s Landing (Registration Closed)

We will be taking four wounded veterans and their immediate family for a weekend of adventure to Hot Springs, Arkansas for our 2nd annual trip to Catherine’s Landing an RVC Outdoor Destination.  Zip Lines with Adventure Works onsite, off road four wheeling out at Hot Springs Off Road Vehicle Park

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Reflection & Looking Forward

The last few years have been an awesome!  We have visited many places in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri developing relationships with camps and resorts to host future outdoor adventure trips for wounded veterans and their immediate families.  We hosted a fantastic weekend trip to Catherine’s Landing,

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Can’t do enough

As I sit and read through articles about war injuries and realize that we really can’t do enough to help a vet and their family to find ways to cope with PTSD or physical wounds.  There are fellow Americans out there that served our country honorably that struggle to find work

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PTSD and Higher Peaks

There have been several studies done that show the benefits of being outdoors and participating in challenging outdoor tasks helps the  effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  in combat veterans.  At Higher Peaks we put that all together in Adventure trips for the veteran and their immediate family, at no cost to them.

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Adventure Grants 2014

We completed a great Adventure to Catherine’ Landing, Hot Springs, Arkansas May 2-4 with three wounded veteran families.  We spent the weekend in super rock crawlers at Hot Springs Off Road Vehicle Park, a zip line tour with Adventure Works and kayaking.  We cover everything from slight roughing it, more

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Get Outside

We often get caught up in the vast technology that this age has to offer.  From smart phones, tablets, social media, and video games.  It’s easy today to lock yourself away and sit in the confines of where you are and shut the world out.  Many, after a hard deployment

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Hot Springs Adventure (May 2014)

We had a great trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  A special thanks to Catherine’s Landing Resort, Adventure Works, Smokin’ in Style BBQ, Westrock Coffee, Bullet Wraps, Legacy Coach, Green Electronic Solutions, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Superlift ORV Park, and Rick Muns at Alpha Gorilla and Crew for helping to make this

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Heading to Catherine’s Landing – 2014

Friday May 2-4, 2014 we are heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas and will be staying at Catherine’s Landing Resort (www.catherineslanding.com) for some “glamping” with three Veteran families that were selected for this adventure weekend.  We have adventure activities set up for Kayaking and Hiking around the property, zip line tours

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