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Pyrs For PTSD

This story begins when my family and I were out at Kadee Farm to cut our kadee farmsChristmas tree like we do every year.  We had just wrapped up the selecting, cutting and hauling the tree to the truck when we saw a Great Pyrenees with a couple out to cut a Christmas Tree.  Having a Pyre in our family we are naturally drawn to others with Pyres.  Like most conversations, once we finished talking about our dogs we began talking about what we do.  I shared what we do withNerisa in Training Higher Peaks an then Craig shared his and Kat’s plan to raise a couple of Pyre pups to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD.  Their Pyre Juliet already had some pups in the oven.  That’s how it started, with Moe the big ole 150 lb Pyre initiating a conversation that would launch a growing friendship.  Fast forward.  The pups were born and two selected for training, Nerrisa and Sampson.  To see this story visit their blog at www.pyrsforptsd.org. We look forward to working with them in helping veterans and their families.

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