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Throw Away Ponies and Vets

Great Day With Throw Away Ponies – 2013

Vet Family at Throw Away Ponies4/6/2013 – We were back out at Throwaway Ponies with another vet.  He came out with his daughter and son, they really enjoyed being around the horses and learning about what they do there. It’s always good being around horses.  While there, one of the vets that was with us last week was working with a blind horse that she felt a bond with. She will be working with a trainer to develop the relationship with the horse and could eventually be riding a blind horse.  So awesome for the horse and vet.

3/30/2012 – We had two veterans with their children at Throwaway Ponies in Rockwall, Texas for orientation.  It had been raining, but ended up being a great day.  The families really connected with the horses and had a good time learning about working around horses.

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