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11089092-standardWelcome to Higher Peaks.

Higher Peaks was formed to support wounded veteran families through outdoor adventure.  By putting together adventure trips that promote family bonding, a vet that feels disconnected from his/her family due to deployment or injury can find a bond and open channels of communication.  We understand that life in the military can be hard on a family.  Even in peace time, military families account for a large percentage of domestic violence, divorce and depression.  When placed in a war time environment those challenges expand.  Simply getting outdoors away from the everyday stress of life can help tremendously.  Higher Peaks has set out to not only provide trips that promote family bonding in the outdoors, but we add education, adventure and challenge to the mix.  We set out to create situations that help the family to communicate and work together to experience the adventure to the fullest.  Hopefully the family will take something from what they experience home and find places locally that they can get out and enjoy each other on a whole other level and leave the stress behind.  Our team at Higher Peaks hopes to see you soon, but until then browse through our site, visit our Facebook page then get outside.

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